How to Sell

Do you sell?

Would you like to sell more?

Can l teach you how to sell more?

I’d like to introduce you to a new concept called NAVAS.

NAVAS is based on my study of the Psychology of Human Purchases - why and how people buy. There is a complete thought process flow prior to buying or making a purchase.

Need - is the first trigger to buy in the human subconsciousness. Need is something required, not desired or a want, it is a necessity. The decision to buy a product or service starts with identifying a need the client has.

Availability - This need is subject to the Availability of the product. You might have a need but unable to satisfy the need because the product to satisfy the need is not available or accessible.

Value is next. Assuming the product is available, the client would like to be sure the product meets the need - that is value. Value is the usefulness of something There would no point in making a purchase of the product if it adds no value.

The final component before making a buying decision is Affordability. The product l need is available but can l afford it?

People argue Affordability is relative, true. It is a deal breaking factor in most buying decisions, hence there are various other strategies you can apply to make people buy at your price- topic for another day.

Assuming the product required is available and affordable and would meet my needs, the possibility of a sale is reckoned to be very high, especially if the need is immediate.

These four components of NAVAS must be in place to make a sale.

Always ask yourself is my product available at a price that meet the needs of my client? That is NAVAS


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