First Major Break with Diamond Bank

Let’s gets this right - I am Yoruba, and Diamond Bank was supposed to be an Igbo Bank - how people come about these conclusions baffles me.

Anyway, our consultancy had sent several proposals to Diamond Bank but nothing positive was coming through until we created a new product.

It was then l realised we were not getting any response out of Diamond Bank because we were not offering them what they needed!🏾

It had nothing to do with where l came from.

What are the lessons here?

1. Research you market. What are the emerging trends? What are issues? What are the needs or problems your clients are facing?

2. Can you develop a solution that solves this problem?

3. Package this solution as a product - Productisation

4. Offer product to prospective clients

We offered Diamond Bank our new product and we were invited to discuss further...the rest as the saying goes, is now history.

Shola Ajani

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