Available but Undervalued!

Life Lessons from the Widow's Olive Oil - 2 Kings 4

Apparently the recently be widowed lady calls out to Prophet Elisha that her late husband's creditors were coming to take her sons as slave due to his indebtedness.

Prophet Elisha asks her what she has in the house. I guess the widow thinking the prophet meant what is of value at home we may sell to pay off the debt, she responded by saying NOTHING, EXCEPT A SMALL JAR OF OIL!

The prophet replied, go and borrow as many jars as possible, not a few, lock yourself indoors with your sons and pour the oil into all the jars. She did as she was instructed.

When the jars ran out, the Oil stopped!

The prophet now told her go and sell all the jars and pay off your debts live off the rest.


1. The solution to our needs may be so obvious, we ignore them.

2. Don’t suffer in silence, cry out for help

3. Do an audit of your skills, talents, possession. What do you have that is of value?

4. To increase in value, you may have to acquire additional information, study more, get a mentor, etc.

5. Who are your neighbours? What is their value? Can you borrow from them? What is the quality of the company you keep?

6. There is a time to grow, to stay away, to seek God's face. Time of personal reflection. Time of waiting before your time of revealing.

7. God will use only what you make available. How far do you want to go?

7. Your gift will make way for you (that is...if you aware of the gift you have!)

8. There is a market out there for what you have...

9. Take a second look at the things you may be underestimating now...

10. God has given you something! ( We risk desiring what others have to the detriment of what we already have that we are ignoring).

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