21 Reason Why You Must Give up that Job

A combination of any of these 21 reasons is enough to prompt you to start looking for a new role...

1. Sundays are your worst days. The thought of going to work on Monday fills you with dread and depression.

2. Your performance review at work is poor, you are described as lacking initiative, poor team player, fails to contribute, etc.

3. You are constantly looking for excuses not to go to work, i.e sickness, bad weather, transport, etc.

4. Your love your job and organisation but you have a poor relationship with your immediate boss.

5. You daydream at work and can’t wait for the day to be over.

6. You provide the barest minimum to get the job done (if you do at all). Your work lacks originality, creativity, etc.

7. You are in it to pay the bills.

8. You don’t enjoy the company of your work colleagues; you dread being in social settings with them.

9. The 80-20 Rule. Effective way to assess professional satisfaction, you should be reasonably happy about 80% of the time you’re at work. If the balance shifts and you spend most of your time feeling dissatisfied/frustrated then it’s a clear indication that something is wrong

10. The thought of promotion fills you with dread. Feeling bogged down and stressed by your current workload, thought of promotion scares you

11. Conversations about work are mostly negative; you never have anything good to say about your boss, work, colleagues, etc.

12. You’re stagnating at work. There is no growth and development in what you do.

13. You are ashamed of what you do. You lie to your friends, family about what you do. You can’t bring yourself to tell people what you do.

14. You are becoming a clock watcher. Last in, first out!

15. Your job doesn’t align with your long-term goals. Deep down you really wanna do something else.

16. Going to the Doctor’s has more appeal than work. Any legitimate (and illegitimate) reasons to stay away from work.

17. You feel the team is out to get you. When you are just not a good fit with the team and they have formed a clique to oust you.

18. The rest of your life is no good either (because of work). Unhappiness about what you do may impact your family, friends, etc negatively.

19. You are on the lookout for another job. You’re already searching for other jobs.

20. You don’t recommend your company to anyone. Happy workers will recommend their companies to their friends, families and acquaintances.

21. Poor Pay. Pay is crappy. Pay rise unlikely, in debt because you borrow before pay day, your life is miserable because you struggle to survive.

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